Antique and Vintage Armorial Tobacco Jars

Antique and Vintage Armorial Tobacco Jars

In an earlier age, when many gentlemen (and possibly a few rather forward ladies, relaxed with a pipe, the tobacco jar was nearly always to be found in the study, library or snug. Made of wood, brass or ceramic and, occsionally, silver these came in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

In the late 1800s the potters of Stoke on Trent started to produce crested or armorial tobacco jars.

Many were made with the heraldic arms and badges of university colleges, schools and British Army regiments and were oftem commissioned and/or sold through retailers based in Oxford or Cambridge. Some of these had the arms hand painted directly onto the body of the jar or striker and some had the arms applied on a raised shield.

With the demise of pipe smoking the jars make terrific trinket holders or just decorative objects with a special connection to a particular college, regiment or school.

At Theo & The Major we keep an eagle eye open for good examples which we hope our customers will enjoy giving as a gift or buying as a piece of memorabilia for themselves.

As these are all between 90 and 110 years old they will mostly show signs of use, particularly around the gilt rims of some of the tobacco jars, but we only buy and offer those which we would be happy to have in our own houses.