Austerity Era Cushions - Dig for Victory and More!

Austerity Era Cushions - Dig for Victory and More!

Austerity Era posters and slogans have seen a recent resurgence in popularity.

Where once they were serious exhortations to the British public to serve or support the country during World War II, the so-called Austerity Era slogans are now being used in workplaces and homes, either to bring a touch of humour to a room, or to fit in with the interests or passions of today's generation. Whether you want a reminder or harder times past, or something to liven up your home or office, Austerity Era cushions are a great buy.

About the Austerity Era

Slogans like "Dig for Victory" "Keep Calm and Carry On" and "Dig for Plenty" remind us how important it was for Britain to pull together during the war years. Every little action could help the war effort, because people who weren't fighting or working in factories were relied upon to grow food, keep livestock and reduce consumption as much as possible. From mending the clothes in your wardrobe rather than buying new, to saving your kitchen scraps so that you could feed the hens, nothing was wasted. With the introduction of rationing after World War II was over, Britain's homes and workplaces continued to be austere places, with little luxury and an attitude of saving over a long period of time in order to afford treats or even medicines.

The Austerity Era Today

In our consumer-led lives, it's difficult to imagine how difficult day-to-day life was in the 1930s and 1940s. For those who remember, Austerity Era slogans will seem like a real blast from the past. For younger generations, the meaning behind the words can easily be changed to apply to office workers, grow-your-own evangelists and those who are concerned for the environment. That's why "Dig for Victory", "Don't take Alcoholic Drinks on Mondays" and "We Want your Kitchen Waste for Pig Food" are now seeing a real increase in popularity. Strategically placed, reproductions of these posters are the ideal way to inject a little humour into your life, whilst remembering that once, these actions held the key to a better and safer life.

Austerity Era Cushions from Heraldic Needlepoint

In addition to our popular range of cushions bearing the arms of military regiments, schools and universities, we now offer twenty designs from the Austerity Era, from the ever-popular "Dig for Victory" to "Rally Round the Flag - Every Fit Man Wanted". These cushions are excellent quality and the designs are reproduced with the permission of The Imperial War Museum and the National Archives. Buy a selection for your home or as fantastic gifts for friends and family. Take a look at our site and buy securely online today, or call us on 01725 517927 for more information about the range.