Civil Ensign (Merchant Navy) Flag Needlepoint cushion
A British ensign in British maritime law and custom, is the flag flown to designate a British ship, either military or civilian. Such flags display the United Kingdom Union Flag in the canton (the upper corner next to the staff), with either a red, white or blue field, dependent on whether the vessel is civilian, naval, or in a special category. These are known as the red, white, and blue ensigns respectively.

The British Civil, or Red, ensign is flown on all British registered ships.

From 1674 to1864, the Red Ensign, in various forms, was the ensign worn by English/British merchant ships. It was also worn by ships of the Red Squadron of the Royal Navy, which also used the white and blue ensigns.

To avoid confusion, in July 1864, an order-in-council provided that the White Ensign was the ensign of the Royal Naval Service. The Blue Ensign was designated for ships commanded by an officer of the Royal Naval Reserve and for ships in government service. The Red Ensign was assigned to British merchantmen. This basic structure remains today.

Our Civil Ensign needlepoint cushion is 12"/30cm x 18"/46cm. It is trimmed with a twisted cord and backed in dark blue velvet.

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Civil Ensign (Merchant Navy) Flag Needlepoint cushion