Royal Arms (Scotland) Flag Needlepoint cushion
From our Flags and Ensigns range this hand made needlepoint cushion cushion is 30cm/12" x 46cm/18" and displays the Royal Arms of Scotland.

A red lion rampant, with blue tongue and claws, within a red double border on a yellow background, the design of the Royal Standard of Scotland (following the Union of the Crowns of England, and Scotland in 1603, was incorporated into the royal standards of successive Scottish and British monarchs.

Following the Acts of Union in 1707, all such royal standards have been quartered to include the banner of the arms of each individual realm. Since 1603, the Royal Standard of Scotland has appeared in both the first and fourth quarters of the quartered royal standard used in Scotland, while appearing only in the second quarter of that version used elsewhere.

Although stricly speaking, the use of this design (which is the personal banner of the Sovereign) is restricted to high officials of Scotland, its use as a sign of loyalty to the Sovereign has become commonplace in recent years.

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Royal Arms (Scotland) Flag Needlepoint cushion