Needlepoint Cushions and more - Information

Needlepoint Cushions and more - Information

Our signature needlepoint cushions with heraldic designs, which draw on the heraldry of Schools, Universities, The British Army and Scottish clans, reproduce as accurately as we can the arms, crests or badges of the institutions concerned. The heraldic elements come from a variety of sources; including the institutions themselves, historic documents and old reference books. In many cases these reference documents are re-drawn by a heraldic artist to alow for accurate reproduction.

The illustration is then drawn, by hand, on to canvas and adapted to make it work in needlepoint. We use a combination of 10 stitches to the inch (for background areas, or for elements which do not need detailed work to make them clear) and 20 stitches to the inch for the detailed work.

Borders are added, most often in colours which are used by the organisation concerned, and a sample is made.

After the sample is approved, production, all by hand, is started. Depending on the complexity of the design, the cushions can take from 4 to 12 man/woman-days to complete before the velvet backing, the zip and any trim is added.

The duck feather pads are added and the completed cushion is then ready for our discerning customers to buy.

These cushions make teriffic gifts for graduations, weddings, bithdays or Christmas presents, or simply as a decorative piece of memorabila for the study or office.

They cost between £ 69.00 and £ 110.00 and UK postage is £ 7.00 for one cushion. For full details of postage rates CLICK HERE